Current CNA with RN goals!

  1. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, on what I could do to enhance my skills as an cna to prepare myself for nursing!
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  3. by   JeffreyT89
    I've been told to just work hard and try absorbing every bit of knowledge you can and pick up on the practices around you. Maybe try looking for a bridge program from CNA to LPN as well. I too am training for my CNA and ultimately look to gain my RN =) best of luck to you though. What state do you plan on doing your CNA in by the way? Been told that nursing degrees vary from state to state
  4. by   lexiip91
    I am currently in Michigan and already a CNA, but relocating to Georgia this summer and starting nursing school. I considered Phlebotomy and EKG which I think and hope will help me get into a hospital. So that in the future as a nurse I will have different types of experience, that hopefully will help getting a job as a new nurse.
  5. by   dah doh
    The PCT's that we hire as RN's after they finish nursing school are very efficient and proactive at their current job, also show interest in the RN role but not to the degree that they aren't good at their current role. The ones we don't hire are slow or have shoddy work at their current role. A strong work ethic as well as being liked will get you far. Even if you want to work elsewhere after graduation, hopefully your manager and coworker RN's will have a good review of you.
  6. by   lexiip91
    I agree thanks for the tip!