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  1. I know that the BON for each state are the only ones who can give difinitive answers on questions regarding criminal background checks and licensure. I'm not sure if my question falls into that category though.

    I'm fairly confident that I would come out clean given a criminal background check. The ONLY reason I could think that would make my name come up is becuase I have had CPS called on me twice. I have been trying to educate myself about CPS and what I am reading is VERY disturbing. Anyway, I had read that when a call is made to a home, that the case is filed under three seperate listings: substantiated, inconclusive, and unsubstantiated. I had also read that based on what the social/case worker decides based on the "evidence"; if they decide that the case is either substantiated OR inconclusive, that the legal gaurdians name is reported to the criminal justice department. I have called the CPS worker to get information on how my "case" is being handled or if this is true -with no call back.

    My child was not taken away or anything of the sort, but I don't know if they consider the case "inconclusive" becuase they couldn't find any abuse.

    Anyway, my question boils down to: Should cases about CPS be included on the application and will they show up in a background check? I have NEVER had my son taken, and never been to court or anything. I have had a few visits with nothing that ever came of it (that I know of).

    By the way, for anyone who has ever had to deal with CPS, I am so sorry you ever had to deal that that. They really need an agency to oversee them and a way for parents to seek recourse against them. It's frightening that one person can be your judge and jury and has the power to take your children. You are seen as guilty from the start and need to prove your innocence. If you are defensive, it's almost seen as an admission of guilt. Heaven forbid you defend yourself, because then you are "minimizing the situation", and anyone who calls them annonamously can LIE! Sorry, I'm all fired up.

    Perhaps I will just have to contact the BON directly, but for anyone who knows, or has dealt with CPS and knows how it may affect licensure, I would appreciate any info you have. Thanks.


    P.S. For anyone cursious about why CPS was called: Once was becuase (in a nutshell) my son suddenly developed Excema very quickly and the person I had watching him called CPS. He was under the care of a doctor and was in the process of being treated for it. I think it was in retaliation because I was gonna take him out of the enviornment becuase SHE was abusing him. I told her not to pull back his forskin and that is something I would do to clean him at home. She said OK, but continued to do so anyway (feeling as though she knew best and what did I know since I was a new mom,etc) and the foreskin got caught behind the head and I took him to the emergency room. Another time she said he fell off the bed and got some scrapes on his arm. I took the bandage off when I got home an hour or so later and found dog bites. I have taken him to daycare facilities since then and I do not trust in-home daycare! The second time was when my neighbor called. That one would take forever to type out, but it still boils my blood how ignorant and evil people can be.
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  3. by   texastaz
    If you to have been found guilty by the court of law and was convicted of a crime such as child abuse it would show. Criminal background checks show only convictions and charges that pending to be brought before a court.
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    As you stated the best information will come from the BON. No one on this forum is allowed to give such advice. I wish you all the best. Thread closed.