Confusion about my sort-of job interview.

  1. So I was calling around places asking if they required a GED, because I'm in the process of getting it but don't have it yet. I talked to the hiring manager at a rehab/skilled nursing facility, and she said to call her back the next day, that she'd make it her task of the day to find out for me.

    So I called back the next day and she was super nice and said that they didn't require it, but they do require that I be state tested. I said that I was, and she said that was excellent. She then said to come into her facility the next day and fill out an application and go see here.

    So I went in to fill out the application, and then she took me into a small office and asked me about my future plans in the medical field, to which I replied that I plan to go on to get my LPN. She smiled when I said that, and then asked me to follow her into another office, where she asked for my ID. I gave it to her, and she took a copy of it and asked me to sign some paperwork about a background check. Then she asked for my social security number, and I gave that to her.

    THEN she sent me out to the police station to get my fingerprints done and to get a $50 background check, which she paid for. I brought back the results and she said that she has two girls working as STNAs currently that can't do their hours anymore due to them going back to school. However, she said that she doesn't presently have any openings until one of them quits.

    She then said to call her weekly to tell her what I'm up to, and to make sure she knows if I get a job in the meantime. And she said I could go.

    ...Does this mean I'm going to have a job there, or does it mean she doesn't want to hire me? I'm so confused.
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  3. by   Horsebytes
    Did you pass the background check?
  4. by   esand
    I'm not sure, she didn't say. I've never been in trouble spare a misdemeanor when I was 17 that was expunged, so nothing should come up.
  5. by   Horsebytes
    It sounds like you are an excellent candidate and if your background check comes out and someone gives notice. She wouldn't have spent $50. on you if she wasn't interested. Just call her weekly like she said and keep studying for your GED. If she says something to the effect of, if something comes up she'll call you then that is the blow off. No matter what though, you need that GED as a foundation for your future. Good luck to you!
  6. by   esand
    Thanks for your advice!

    I've also got another question. I went in for an interview today and was offered a PRN position... I know that this means 'as needed' but what are the hours usually like in general for a PRN CNA? Also, what are the odds of them moving me to full time? I'd love to know.
  7. by   Horsebytes
    Take it and do the best job you can. If you impress them, they will keep you!
  8. by   esand
    I supposed that's all I needed to know. It's the best rated facility in town and it's pretty hard to get hired there, so I was super surprised, to be honest. I'll try my best!