Conflicted about job offer

  1. I was offered a job in a nursing home, and when I went in for the interview the manager started off with we have several positions open because several people just quit. She said they were looking to hire people right away and I would need to start Monday. Red flags started going off because it usually doesn't bode well when there was a mass exodus of employees. She also really didn't interview me, just basically said I will hire you because I am desperate to fill open positions. I need a job and this has been my only offer so far, but it makes me feel nervous and bad about myself that the only job I can get isn't based on my talent but that this place needs people to work.

    Any suggestions??
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  3. by   daisyymaria
    Same happen with me, but I took it in a positive way because they hired me so quickly I got hands on expirience and now I work in a hospital, take this as an opportunity to gain expirience nursing homes are very hard but don't quit until you get what you want, my goal was after a year to get a job at a hospital and it happen!! Things happen for a reason. Don't let this opportunity go remember many out there are Dying to get jobs!!
  4. by   Miiki
    Don't worry about it. Employers want to hire people with experience because they need less orientation therefore making them cheaper. Take the job, get experience. Before you know it, you'll be one of those with experience that employers want to hire.