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  1. My CC requires us to have a 2-Step TB test and American Heart Association CPR training prior to the first clinical. I have an orientation on the 11th of this month and my first clinical that I signed up for is on the 17th. They have failed to really provide much information in the catalog and when I call they give me the run around, tell me it's all the schedule or say I'll find out at the orientation. So how can I get all this stuff done by the 17th if I have to wait until the 11th to figure it all out? I didn't get an information package in the mail or anything. And if I have to take a 2 step TB test than I'm going to have to wait a while in between. I'm so confused. Does this mean that by waiting for the orientation I will not be able to attend my first clinical?
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  3. by   aerorunner80
    First off I wanted to say Hi!!!! I too am taking a CNA course at my local CC starting next week! Eek! I already have my Hep B vacc and am current on all my tests such as TB but it doesn't take long. When do you start your clinicals? We have two months of classroom "lab" they call it, then one month of clinicals in the hospitals around here. I know that the first day of class, they will tell everyone where to get their tests done. I also know that CPR is part of the class for those who don't already have it. I know with my school, there isn't enough time to finish your Hep B vacc but they want you to have it started and if your clinicals run anything like mine do, you'll have more than enough time to get your TB test and your CPR cert.

    Good luck!
  4. by   arpeggiated
    The TB test isn't as scary as it sounds -- it's an injection, then you go back two days later to have the injection site checked for reaction. If there's a positive reaction, you've been exposed to TB and then you'll need a chest x-ray. If there's no reaction, you haven't been exposed. Simple as that.

    If you can get in for your physical sooner, I'd have them check/give you: PPD (the TB test), Hep B, rabies, tetanus, and flu shots.
  5. by   DesertRain
    I'm concerned about when to get everything done. I have all my other immunizations like Hep B, MMR etc but I have yet to do the TB test. I wish my school was a little more clear!