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I started my job 6 weeks ago and my 2nd day of orientation I went with another aide (we'll call her "B") who infuriated me. She charted all of her patients as "bathed" even though none of them was... Read More

  1. by   yousoldtheworld
    I understand your frustration. At my previous job, I worked with someone who sounds exactly like "B". There were also a handful of people that spent more time on other halls chatting than doing any work at all.

    One night really sticks out in my mind - I was working on my (then) usual hall with an aide that I don't usually work with. The hall had 28 residents on it, and most of the time there was no real problem with my usual hall partners - we'd end up taking care of a comparable number of residents on most nights.

    One night, my usual charge nurse wasn'tat work, so one of the RNs who usually works in one of the offices was the nurse on my hall. Said RN also happened to be good friends with the aide I was working with. After dinner, the other aide helped two people get ready for bed - two of the easiest ones to take care of on the hall. After that, I didn't see her for a bit. I started about my routine, putting the residents to bed as they were ready. I assumed she'd been doing the same. I found that I needed something from central supply, so I walked by the RNs office which was on the way...and inside were the nurse and the other aide, eating brownies and literally chatting about "boys". I told them that i needed to run to central supply and asked the other aide if she'd keep an eye on the hall. I got a half nod in response, so I went on my way.

    When I returned (about 15 minutes later - Central Supply was on the opposite side of the facility and it is so disorganized - it takes ages to find anything in there) - they were still chatting in the office. As I walked down the hall, I realized that she hadn't done anything with ANYONE but those first two residents - meanwhile, I had already put 7 or 8 people to bed. I had a couple of people who are supposed to be 2 assists left, so I went and asked her to come help me with them. The RN told me, "Ask one of the other aides, we're in the middle of something important."

    Long story short, I ended up doing the entire hall myself that night minus the 2 that the other girl initially did. I went to some of the other nurses about it, but this particular RN was weekend manager and was technically in charge of them at the time, so they didn't know what to do besides to have me go to the DON. I did, but nothing was ever done about it. That night was actually what got me looking for a new job.

    If I were you, I would definitely keep talking to the higher-ups about it until something is done.
  2. by   kc87
    That is exactly what i'm dealing with. I mean its bad when the nurses above them are just as bad as them. I've never heard anyone getting grouched at for doing their jobs until the other night. I saw it with my own eyes. It's unbelievable. It just makes me soooo mad:angryfire. I am, however, sad that this problem is all over and not just local. The worst thing i've seen lately is a CNA who does a wonderful job with the patients left because of bad cna's that she had worked with. It's a shame, because the patients are the ones who suffer because they are not getting taken care of properly.. a good example is a cna who didn't take certain patients to the bathroom from 3 until almost 10 o'clock, and just laughed at the patient when she had soaked herself and the floor. It just irritates me because the D.O.N. and L.P.N that was on that group that night.. thinks nothing of it.. or me for that matter because i'm "young" ... i may be "young" but i'm not stupid... sorry had to vent.