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Hello CNA's! :spin: I will be getting certified as a nursing assistant this summer, and was just wondering: What shift do you work? 7-3, 3-11, or 11-7? Does your schedule differ or do you always... Read More

  1. by   Miwila
    Quote from fuzzywuzzy
    I'm sorry if it came off like I thought all night-shifters sucked. Where I work, a lot of the night people seem totally annoyed when someone is awake, and most of them roll their eyes constantly throughout report. They have nothing nice to say about any of the residents.
    Its sad that CNA's like that are even allowed to continue working in healthcare. I have elderly parents and although I work in an LTC facility where most of my co-workers have a healthy attitude towards their patients, I have just heard too many stories about how CNA's act in other places to ever consider placing my parents in one.
  2. by   yousoldtheworld
    I think a lot of times that occurs when CNAs get burned out. The only job where I dealt with hateful night shifters was at a hospital, and those night shifters were long time CNAs. It seemed like they got burned out so they switched to night shift instead of looking for a new job.

    It's too bad those at your facility are like that. There are plenty of us out there who still love our jobs!
  3. by   HCRkam
    I work 7-3 it is kind of stressful but once you get the hang of things then its not so bad. Like your day flies by so fast and yes you have the big bosses but where i work they actually help you. I worked 3-11 but i hated it because i never had a life and 11-7 i cant stay up worth crap. so my opinion is 7-3. I love it!
  4. by   carolg
    I was hired for noc shift and i love it. I can sleep when my family is busy with school and work. I get to spend evenings with them. Our facility is very busy, time goes by fast, and we don't always get a break. On the "slow" nights we get to have a couple short breaks. I think I am going to try days because it is hard to find time to socialize or take care of my own needs. It is either work or family and I need a break from taking care of everyone. Good luck.
  5. by   fuzzywuzzy
    At my facility you get hired on 2nd and have to go on a waiting list for 1st. I was going to get on the list right away because it's hard to have a life on 3-11 and I hate how you always end up sleeping till 10 every day. I feel my healthiest when I get up early and see some sun. But I like a lot of the people I work with and there are so many bigwigs around during the day shift. Plus I go to school and since making the switch is never for a definite date I need to keep the same schedule for my classes.

    I would never even consider 3rd shift. I couldn't sleep during the day without getting depressed.
  6. by   mochabean
    I like working 7-3:30.
  7. by   lisa89
    I enjoy working Days (7-3:30 pm) and my other 12 hours 2x a week (7pm-7:30am)

  8. by   sonomala
    I'm newly cert and I'm looking for a nights job. As far as I can tell its only really insane for about two or so hours, the rest is quiet time where if a resident is awake you get more time then if you've got 6 up and all needing something plus two meals. Plus it means I'm available for all my kids activities which is nice.
  9. by   trauma_queen2010
    Well I work 7p-7a in the ER and I absolutely love it. I only work three days a week which right now is wed, friday, sat. I am a single mom but my mom keeps my my daughter for me during the day sat and sun so I can sleep. I still have a life and am also going to school for nursing. I like my scedule because I work the nights before my days off of school so the two dont interfere with one another. and for the record I am never bored at night. We keep busy pretty much 24/7 in the er so even on night the time flys.
  10. by   callmekipling
    Call me pessimistic, but expect to have to cope with short staffing. Either occasionally or all the time, depending on the hiring and retention rates of the facility you're joining.

    Been a bit since i worked LTC, but here's how I recall it breaking down:

    Mornings: breakfast and lunch, AM care, (later) morning showers
    Evenings: Dinner, evening showers, pajama time
    Nights: Incontinence care and a few early morning showers.

    Not only that, many facilities have shift differentials - Since 7-3 is compatible with kids' school schedules, generally, it's the most asked for shift. Thus incentives are provided for working evenings or nights.

    I guess it all depends on how you like your work, your company at work and your pt routines.
  11. by   ohwerehalfwaythere
    definitely 11p-7a for me. there is no management to stress you out, a teamwork feel, and although the patients never sleep its a really great time have conversations with them and learn.
  12. by   jr3650sp
    3-11 is the best in my case you make more on that shift plus less of a hassle then 7-3 and 11-7 is great but if your facility gets a pressure sore problem it always comes back on 3rd shift.
  13. by   sonomala
    I just started 7pm to 7am, I LOVE IT! Quiet,time to talk to the residents, hang out, definately the best shift.