CNA to LPN question

  1. I am a cna but might be thinking on the idea of becomig an lp but....i want 2 know if i can learn on the job skills of a lpn as a cna and just have to take the nclex after so long? i know this bcuz, i ws a cna @ a brandon hospital in florida that is a cna but....she also did lpn skills as know what i mean? would i b able to do ther same yet later be quote...granfathered in but i just need to do the nclex for licensure?
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  3. by   yousoldtheworld
    No, in order to become an LPN, you have to complete an LPN program.

    You might have seen a QMA. A QMA is an aide who takes a pharmacology course and is then allowed to pass certain meds. The class is time consuming, though, and they are used more and more rarely these days.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    California permits certain CNAs to challenge to boards to become LVNs if they have completed certain classes. However, the LVN license cannot ever be endorsed or transferred into any other state.

    You will need to complete an LPN program in its entirety. No shortcuts exist in attaining your LPN diploma because you are an experienced CNA. Good luck to you!