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  1. Hi all CNA students and CNA's,

    I'm almost done with my CNA course (Dec/06), my problem is my clinical instructor, she has been bullying me since the first time we went to a nursing home for our clinical, after only the 1st hour on the floor, she took me aside and said, she was very dissapointed in me, and did not trust me with the residents, and I had to prove myself to her, I was nervous I had never been in the healthcare field, and this is how I reacted, I'm an A student otherwise, but she has made me so nervous, that I hate going to clinical but I do but I always get very nervous with her, I did confide to my lecture instructor, who also happens to be the nursing director, she told me to put it in writing and email it to her, I did all that but I still get bullied.

    I really love my classes and they are easy, and I do want to persue an RN career, but this instructor has really broken my down and I dont know how to bounce back.

    Please help!!!!
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  3. by   can
    I'm really sorry to hear that you're having such a bad experience with this instructor. There is a saying that "nurses eat their young" somtimes this is true. Just know that your class will end and you won't have to deal with her anymore. You already have her behavior documented so do your best and just get through your class. I have found that once you start working most nurses are very happy to have you around and even want to help you learn and become better at what you do. Don't let one bad seed get you down. Keep your head up. Good Luck!
  4. by   followyourbliss
    Hi Ninicats,
    Firstly hello!I am a recently graduated c.n.a{last Friday!!] and I want to say that I understand what you are experiencing.I to had a rough time with my clinical instructor.....not for the WHOLE TWO MONTHS of practicum but for the most important part...the evaluations,on the floor and in regard to here goes...I am a reactive person that does not react to criticism well,I overanalyze and am quite emotional SO bringing that into play with a very well seosoned R.N who is a hard ass was very very hard.I guess what I am saying is I HAD to find a balance between SHOWING my emotions to her and fellow students,and try to come off as confident but with an openness to learn..translated i mean that whenever she sensed that I wasn't
    confident in what we were doing on the floor she construed that as me not having the knowledge base,skills etc to "exel,kick butt etc'.We were rode hard on the floor...pressured to keep getting faster,better but still miraculuosly providing "excellent care!!"i mean gimme a break!So my own advice to you is talk to the other girls about what they are they are going about their care.the residents etc,if you have the chance ask your fellow students what they think?I did that and was told by them that I get to worked up about what others think{staff,instructor etc]To be honest after chatting to one of my friends in the group I discovered how i was waisting time and why my morning care wasn't going very well!!so I put on a brave face with my clinical instructor...went home at night and thought about what residents needed what lifts,briefs...all the little things that can get you flustered when you only have 10/20 minutes to get them all done I am glad I am done it was one of the hardest things i have e ever done
    so if i can ever be of help or you have a question feel free.You are SO not alone...I think all the stress,the fears.the juggling money,families,and learning really takes a toll,hang in there and remember just try to figure out what SHE wants from you and give it to her in your own way,....because after you grad you can play it your way! warm fuzzies and good luck
  5. by   fire_fly
    Hi, I just wanted to give you encouragement also.

    My clinicals have also been difficult for me and my instructor has been tough. My first day I seemed to have forgotten everything I learned in class, very nerve-racking.

    I just try to think of it as a learning experience and any criticisms I try to learn from and not get emotional - until I go home! I figure at this early stage in my career I won't be that great but have no where to go but up.

    It may sound silly but just think of how much more you know now and how much better you are getting.

    Hang in there...I only have 1 more week of clinicals and survived.
  6. by   ninicats
    Thank you so much for your reply, I'm almost done with my course my last day is 12/6th yay!!! I have to hang in there I have no choice, but I have built up my confidense since this has happened, I prefer hospital over nursing home, for some reason I'm more comfortable and confident there and the nurses are great and they're a great help.

    Thank you!!!!!