CNA Staff Motivators

  1. What would motivate you and help improve customer service?

    I'll start with two suggestions;

    Happy Smile Awards: gift certificates to McD's given out by mgt supervisors to any CNA they see being friendly/kind to residents.

    Attendance Awards: Free (monogramed with facility name) shirt for perfect 30 day attendance.

    Any more ideas (more money is a given).....

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  3. by   chadash
    I would be really thrilled to have some imput into some concerns in patient care and staffing. Sort of a focus on what the patients need from us, how long does this takes, and what amount of staffing is reasonable to accomplish this.
    Some occasional positive feedback from higher ups is nice. Really look for and commend behavoirs that need reinforced.
    I think I am more motivated by exhortation than rewards. Like: this is good, continue doing this behavoir.
    I am an orientee of sorts right now, and have to seek out evaluation: what is good, what is not? Individual nurses are great, but those in management: you just don't know if you are due for a praise or the ax
    So I guess I would say: keep in touch with your employees. Singling one person out for a reward might not encourage all the employees, but interaction and feed back might help. They all need to hear from management.