CNA programs near Kennesaw State

  1. Hello everyone! I have discovered that if I want to start the University of West Georgia's nursing program in June, I have to be a certified CNA. I have a really heavy course load next semester at Kennesaw State University and was wondering if anyone knew of an easier program to go through. It would be wonderful if I could become certified over the winter break, does anyone know of anywhere near Powder Springs that has a 4/5 week program or a place near kennesaw that has an 8 week or whatever? One more thing! Are there any online programs to become certified? That would be ideal!

    Thank you SO much for your help and time!
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  3. by   Jhely06182009
    Hi! I live in austell which is near marietta and i am a cna, plebotomist, patient care tech and ekg tech. I took my cna class at Convenant cna school in Atlanta, Ga. But i know a cna school in mableton that has classes morning and evening. Here's the website and # 6783981234, so call for more infos. God bless!
  4. by   svckxb01
    CPR w/ Mickey has a great program in Hiram across from the Hardy dealerships on 120. I attended in fall of 2011. It's a six week program, I think, Monday -thursday evenings. Day classes too.
  5. by   esand
    CPR With Mickey - Community and Healthcare Classes in the Atlanta Area - Home

    I have a few friends who have attended and say it was awesome, and has a high pass rate. Good luck!
  6. by   nn2015
    Hello fellow CNAs and CNA-seekers,

    I live in Cobb County and am looking to work towards my CNA certification very soon. I am deciding between COBB CNA & COBB MEDICAL INSTITUTE - Home - Mableton, GA, Cumberland Health Services and Training Center, or CPR With Mickey - Community and Healthcare Classes in the Atlanta Area - CNA.

    CPR with Mickey would run me about 20 miles out of the way, as opposed to a shorter distance for the first two. Can anyone vouch for it being so stellar that it'd be worth the distance? It sounds to be a really inclusive price, but then again so does Cumberland. I haven't heard back yet from Cobb CNA school. Has anyone gone to or heard anything else about any of these schools? I am really looking to make this decision by the middle of next week. Thanks in advance!
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    *Bump* I stopped and visited Cobb CNA institute and have decided CPR with Mickey is to far. Going to visit Cumberland tomorrow morning. I really hope meeting people there and seeing the facility will help me make a choice in where to attend because both schools are fairly equal in price, distance, post CNA school state-exam training, and pass rate.
  8. by   nn2015
    I'm excited to say I registered for CNA school last week! I got a great feeling from the place after meeting the the staff, as well as other CNA/PCT students. They were open to answering any questions I had, and it just seemed like an overall good fit for me.

    Have been studying my NNAAP Candidate handbook for clinical skills and bought the Learning Express Nursing Assistant Study Guide book. I really recommend the Learning Express guide. Thus far I've been getting around 70% on my practice exams, but I figure this isn't horrible, considering I'm starting from scratch and don't even have the textbook yet to review with. My goal is to get up to 85-90% before class starts next month. I know book-smarts are only half of it, but hey, I'm working with what I have.

    -Good luck to all new CNA students this fall. We can do it!
  9. by   RH_Fan
    I'm currently doing the CNA program at Chattahoochee Tech (waiting to hear if I get accepted into the LPN program). Last year, I also looked into the Giving Care Education Center in Woodstock, GA but decided to go with Chattahoochee Tech.
  10. by   nn2015
    Awesome, I have a friend currently doing the Chattahoochee Tech PCT program.

    Hope that goes for you (and good luck to getting into the LPN program)!
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  11. by   RH_Fan
    Thank you. I find it in about 2 weeks. The wait is terrible...
  12. by   SandraW34
    Hello Im doing some research and I came across your panel. Did you ever find out school was best for you?I looked at Cobb medical tech. But dont kniw anyone who went there. I went to cumberland medical for cna its a good school. But now its too expensive for me right so thats wht i was looking at cobb med.
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