CNA Online Classes

  1. I was just looking around online and found a site that claims they can certify CNA's online. I am doubtful this is lagit, but I thought I wold ask about it. Has anyone taken online CNA classes and gotten a job?

    Here is the website:
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  3. by   miabia
    I have never heard of that because most states have guidelines that are different than others in CNA training plus you have to do clinicals. I would say no and just go to your local redcross or community college and see what you can arrange instead of wasting money on something that may not be legit.
  4. by   mstearns09
    I did my CNA class online and did clinicals at a local LTC where I now work. There are legitimate organizations out there who offer the classes online and it was much cheaper for me to take it through the company I did versus doing it through the local community college, which isn't even that local to where I live. The company I did my class through even helped us get registered for our state test and was approved by our state health agency as a legitimate CNA class provider.

    If you question the integrity and legitimacy of this company, check with your state health department about places which are certified and verified to provide adequate and appropriate services to get your CNA certification. I know my state maintains a database of class providers.