1. I have been a legal secretary for 20+ years and am trying to transition into nursing over the next five years. Taking baby son is now in grad school so I think I'm going to try to pursue my dreams of becoming a nurse. First CNA, next LPN (the 18 month weekend class at Ultimate Health Scool in Falls Church), transition into a full-time LPN while pursuing my RN, etc. The sky's the limit...I'm only 40.

    Anyhoo...took a CNA class in February and am a newly licensed CNA in NC but now residing in DC as the day after my class ended I was offered a job at a law firm in DC. So, I took the job and moved to MD. I just received my certification in DC via endorsement. Now I'm seeking part-time employment as a CNA. Most of the career sites for the DC hospitals request one year's experience. While experienced, I have no experience as a CNA. Ultimately, I would love to work at one of the children's hospitals, Sibley, Georgetown or GW. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am interested in working weekends or overnight long shifts, short days. Would even be interested in a midwife/doula who needs an assistant. My office hours are 10-6 M-F, so looking for a position that would not coincide with my regular full-time one. Help? Anyone?
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    I live in MD too & from what I was told, there seems to be a hiring freeze in some of the DC hospitals. I'm sorta in the same boat as you-have a CNA license(well GNA in MD) but can't find a job due to no experience.