CNA medical assisteant???

  1. So in january I am going to be going to school to become a cna. My question is after I want to go to school to become a medical assistant first what is the difference? Also will where ever I get hired work around my school schedule?
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  3. by   CNA2day
    I always think of CMA's as comparable to an LPN but I am not completely sure about that.
    My CNA job works around my nursing school schedule.
  4. by   Callie Martinez
    Just what makes me nervous is cna jobs will work around if u r trying to become a rn but what if it is for a medical assistant still think they work around that?
  5. by   CNA2day
    Callie I think it would depends on the facility, most that I hear about seem to work around any sort of further education.
    My facility was working around my shcooling when I was planning on going for an xray tech
  6. by   Callie Martinez
    Thanks so much for answering.