CNA Classes through the Red Cross?

  1. I start LPN school next month and would like to work as a CNA part time around my school schedule to help pay for daycare while I am in school for my 16 month old. I have read on here that some people have taken a CNA Class through the Red Cross. How did you find out about those classes? I went to the local Red Cross website but can't find anything about CNA classes there.

    I live just south of Kansas City.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Oops, sorry, I didn't have the correct state.
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    I just called my local Red Cross office and asked them
    if they had a "Nursing Assistant" program; Luckily for me
    they had a day and evening program. I'm in Florida and
    don't know about their programs in Kansas but if you do
    find one I strongly suggest it. It didn't cost that much
    and the course was great! I became certified and
    started working at a local hospital a couple of months later.
    Good luck to you!!:blushkiss
    Oops - Kansas City.