CNA Classes In Cincy???

  1. does anyone know where i can take cna classes in cincinnati?? i know about cincinnati state but is there anywhere else i can go????
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  3. by   PurifyMe
    If you can get over there, I took them at the Nurse Aide Training Center in Florence, KY . It's always cheaper (like when I took it, it was 299.00) than schools like CS, there is no wait, the instructor is great, she owns the training center, and she has weekend classes that you can take if you need to. Your two days of clinicals will be in Georgetown, KY, but it's only two days, and all the students car pool to get there and back.
    You can find her school in the Jobs News, and circulars like that that are in Walmart, Kroger, etc. by the entrance and exit. Once I finished the class, and sat for the state test in Florence, it took me about 3 weeks to get recprocity in Ohio, so now I work at St. Elizabeth in Edgewood, and do HH in ohio. Hope that helps.
  4. by   MamaRN00
    Thank you SO much!!!

    So it's just called The Nurse Aid training center?? I will definitely have to check that out. You don't happen to have any contact info for the lady do??? If so can I get it from you???

    If not then i'll seee if I can find her in one of those books.

    Thanks again
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  5. by   PurifyMe
    That's the name Nurse Aide Training Center in Florence, I will look through my stuff and find the number to call. Are you in nursing school now? I start LPN school in April of 07 at Diamond Oaks.
  6. by   MamaRN00
    Nope not yet. I start LPN school in July hopefully at The old Jewish Hospital(On Burnet Ave) through Great Oaks as well.

    So you already took the placement test and everythig??

    I thought about going to Diamond Oaks and stating in April but Jewish Hosp is closer to my job although I live on the westside. I plan to work fulltime while going to school part time.

    You know if you start in April at Diamond Oaks the CNA class is built into the LPN program??? That's only at Diamond Oaks and not the other Oaks.

    I guess it doesn't matter now since you already have your CNAs.

    So was the placement test hard?? I haven't even taken mine yet:spin:
  7. by   PurifyMe
    No the placement test was not hard at all, just basic math and science, reading and such. It just took FOREVER! I will also work full time, and go to school part time in the evening. I work close to Diamond, and I've already recieved credit for my CNA class. Don't you have to be a CNA to take the LPN classes as of July 07? I think that is what Ms. Sharp (the LPN secretary) told me, you also have to take the TEAS test if you start after July. If you need to, you can borrow my Teas Test study guide, I got it when I was planning to start in August, but instead I chose to go ahead and get started in April. Right now a coworker of mine is studying the book, because she wants to start in August, but just let me know.
  8. by   MamaRN00
    Thanks again!!!

    I sent you an email!!

    Let me know if you got it am still trying to figure out how to navigate on this board.