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  1. Hi there,

    I am a nursing student (starting 2nd year in August) and just got a job as a CNA on a busy step-down telemetry unit at our local hospital. This is my first job as a CNA (or anything medical, tbh!) and I am overwhelmed by needing to organize six patients at once (in school we were still at two assigned patients).

    I would love to have a good brain, like we use as nurses (and students) but tailored to the CNA role. I am compiling a list of the categories I would like to be able to view/check off easily, but I honestly suck at graphics so would much prefer a pre-made brain that I might be able to customize. Does anyone out there have links to good ones?

    Ideally, it would have three patients per page, so I could manage with only two pages. One of my trainers makes her own on her pt. worklist sheet every day, and it is great but doesn't have enough room for me (she has been doing this for 18 years - she just doesn't need the space for reminders that I do right now!). I would love some help with this, so I can get myself organized and do a good job.

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  3. by   Missingyou
    Just bring a note pad & pen with you when you are training in the position. Carry it with you and jot yourself notes as needed.
    I think, in your mind you are making it more difficult & challenging than it really is. Once you start training, and after having done the job for a little while, you will have a somewhat of a routine and you will wonder what you were worried about.