1. Hey everyone!!! I had a question...I am doing my health science bachelors first like i said before and will apply to the accelerated bachelors program in nursing once i am I spoke to my counselor and she said that I need to be a CNA first because then I will have a better chance of getting in to the accelerated program, she also said that I need it because this way the nursing school knows that I am really interested in becoming a nurse and they prefer if I have previous knowledge... my question is if you guys think it is necessery for me to become a CNA first especially since I still have so many classes to take to finish my first bachelors...will this CNA thing make that much difference??? If someone has any suggestions please let me know!!!
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  3. by   staygold
    To answer your question, yes it will make a difference. But you might want to other CNAs on their forum. This is particualr forum os for aspiring CRNAs.
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  4. by   nightingale
    I have moved your post to the CNA Forum where you will get a better response.
  5. by   SebagoLaurel
    Quote from Nightngale
    I have moved your post to the CNA Forum where you will get a better response.
    Ok - maybe it is me, but why would CNA be the one to answer a question about whether CNA should be requirement for nursing school? Seems like a question for nurses and/or advanced nurses to answer.

    Personally, if you have never done any patient care, I think CNA experience would be very helpful. Not sure it is required - most of my class never were CNA and they are some of the best nursing students (now nurses and advanced nurses I know). But for several of us new to nursing initially, the CNA experience certainly helped us gain experience, learn hands on, and most important - learn how important CNA's are to a patient and how they help the nurse do a good job when they do a good job :-)