clinical before classes are over.

  1. I have a clinical day before our classes are over. I was wondering if I will be expected to do things that we have not covered in the class yet? It makes me nervous that we have not went over all of the skills yet.:icon_cool:
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  3. by   daisygal
    Good luck on your clincal day.I just finished my weeks worth of clinicals.I did so much that week that we never covered.When I had my class we learned all of it out of a book then had my clinical week.It is so different doing things than reading about them.Alot of it is common sense.The place i took my clinicals the CNA that I shadowed would do things the"wrong"way.Then say well as long as you don't do this on your states test than you'll be ok.Well my week came and went and now i'm waiting to do my test.I think as long as you remember what you were taught and maybe go back to the book and review than you'll be ok.GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  4. by   williams11494
    I live in North Carolina...I am in CNA l training...we have 8 days of class room work...2 days of class/lab...12 days of just labs learning 69 different skills...and 8 days of clinicals...then we do a practice mock for a couple of days....then its the state test......I have a strong feeling that no matter what they teach us we are going to get into alot more when we get in a job...I am loving it so far though...good luck to everyone!!!