Challenging exam then switching to license to different state?

  1. I'm currently in the process of trying to take a minimester this fall to knock out the rest of my prereqs ( Diet & Nutrition , Medical Terminology , Comp 1000 & Psychology ) . okay so basically besides the prereqs I have to take a cna class which I think I am going to try and challenge 🤔. The cna training in my city will not allow me to work and do the training . just won't work . The closest weekend training is 4 hours away and that's a lot to be doing every saturday and sunday and pretty sure it'll be expensive , which is why i'd like to just challenge it without paying and having to travel . thing is , you cannot challenge it here in Ga . so my plan was to challenge it in florida and then try and use reciprocity and get it switched over . i'm on a really tight time frame because i've procrastinated so much and it vexes me . I really want to begin clinicals in january. waiting til next fall isn't an option . please help lol . Is this a good idea or should I just stop being cheap and make that drive every weekend for a few weeks? also if you're a cna can you please help me with things that will be on the exam? Thanks in advance ❤️
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  3. by   elkpark
    I would check with the GA board and see if that's acceptable to them. Often, states hold people applying for licensure or certification by endorsement to the state's standards for initial licensure -- i.e., if you aren't allowed to challenge the exam in GA, they won't issue you a license or certification by endorsement if you challenged the exam in another state. Other states don't care. That's certainly something you would want to know before you spend any time or money getting certified in FL.

    Best wishes!
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