Can I apply for a job a week before graduating?

  1. I am finished with a cna course in a couple of days and am wondering if I can apply to a job pending licensure? Obviously it would mean passing the clinical test and getting licensed before working. If applying is ok, should I put pending licensure on my resume?
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  3. by   verene
    Check your state regulations. In my state you may work as a "Nursing Assistant - Registered" after completing the class and before certification (120 day window). I would guess many other states would have similar rules. I certainly doesn't hurt to apply to jobs before graduation so long as you are up-front with any potential employer about the fact you only have training and have not yet passed the exam.
  4. by   Julius Seizure
    Sure go ahead any apply, just make it clear on your resume you expected course completion date and pending status. For example, I recently graduated, but prior to that, my resume said:

    SuperNurse University, expected graduation August 2017

    Then once you graduate you can change it to just have the date your "graduation" occurred, and under your licenses/certification section put "Pending licensure".
  5. by   Wannabenurseneko
    When I was taking the CNA course , one of my classmates applied to jobs a month before she
    Finished the course, so you definitely can do that , if you're applying to the hospital make sure to put when you'll be graduating.