Can a EMT be an emergency department tech??

  1. I have recently enrolled in an EMT-B class up at the local college. I plan on moving to St. Paul, MN. They have TONS of Emergency department technician jobs out there and I was wondering if an EMT-B or EMT-I would be adequate training for the EDT. I am also planning on before I move to get a job as an ERT just for experiance. If that isn't not adequate than what other medical job would I be qualified for?

    And also what is the difference between an EDT and an emergency room tech?? and certified nurses aide/ certified nurses assistant? if any

    Lastly does anyone know if u can switch from an EMT-P to a RN and have a bachelors degree with the 2 year paramedic and the 2 year RN?

    I've been up for like 5 hrs trying to figure it out :zzzzz

    Thanks you so much,

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  3. by   CT Pixie
    Most of the want ads for ED techs here in CT have they will take someone with the tech certification or an EMT.

    You can do the EMT-P to RN bridge through the online programs, and I have seen some colleges that will take EMT-P and transfer a ton of credits, thereby reducing your schooling time.

    I think you'd have to contact the schools your are interested in and put your questions about EMT-P to RN with them.

    A certified nurses assistant and a certified nurses aid are both the same thing, just different ways to call them..both are CNA's.

    I am thinking an ER tech and an EDT are the same. EDT-emergecy dept tech and ER tech-emergency room tech.

    Depending on where you are you will see the ER referred to as the emergency dept or the emergency room. I grew up and have lived in CT my whole life I have always heard it refered to as the emergency room.