Being a CNA: Round Two

  1. Hello. I used to post here around May of last year briefly about my experience being a new CNA. After a few weeks of working at a below stellar LTC facility, I quit my job thinking I would never be a CNA every again, lol. About a month later I worked at a kitchen at a local summer camp for the summer of 2012 but quit that after summer due to focusing solidly in school fulltime. Now that I haven't found a job since and I am not a fulltime student anymore (I'm about to graduate and transfer with a AA degree a few months from now, so I go to school much less) I want to go back and find solid work once again. Although like last time, I still don't want to become a RN or work in the health industry for a career, I do want to work as a CNA at least until I get my BA degree in another field.

    Anyways, this was just my short re-entry back into this forum and the world of CNA work, haha. Hopefully this time around, my job searching will bring me to a much better facility that is nothing like the first one I endured.
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  3. by   mvm2
    Good Luck I hope you find a great job. I am sure you could find a nice ltc to work for, but also look at other places as well. Home Care, retiment homes, rehab, hospice, look if you have a vets home close by.
  4. by   1feistymama
    I'm a little confused as to why you're pursuing a CNA job when you didn't like it the first time around and you don't have any desire to be in the medical field. Perhaps you just want to work and that is what you are trained in?

    When I was young and didn't have much training, I applied to a Temp Agency for secretarial positions. I had typing skills and was knowledgeable about the few programs I used while in school (email and Microsoft Word), I could answer a phone profesionally and I have decent people skills. The temp agency tested my computer skills and interviewed me. Then, they sent me on an interview.

    With a temp agency, there's no cost to you. Employers pay for their services. When they sent me out on interviews, I had more confidence because the temp agency knew what the employer was looking for and they felt I was qualified for the job. My 4-week assignment turned into a 2-year gig and after the first couple of months, I was hired directly by the employer. The job ended when I left because hubby was getting out of the Navy and we were moving.

    Once settled in the new place, I went to a temp agency again. I was hired by a large company who does all of their initial hiring through temps (from a legal standpoint, it's easier to end an assignment than to lay someone off). I've now been here 12 years and am leaving to pursue Nursing.

    Temp assignments can vary greatly. I met one woman who strictly worked temp assignments because she liked to take long vacations and she would simply tell the agency she wasn't available during those times. If you get let go from one assignment, the agency helps you find another. If you don't like an assignment, you tell the agency and again, they find you another one. It's nice having someone help you find work like that.....particularly when it doesn't cost you anything.

    You may find yourself to be much happier if you go this route.