Anyone take CNA classes through IvyTech?

  1. Can you tell me your experience with it? Did you feel it prepared you enough to pass the exam for licensure?

    I am a pre-nursing student, already taking classes with a full pell grant for this year. I'm only signed up for 6 cr.hrs. with non-req. courses for the spring adding the CNA prep would increase my Credit hours to 11. So I wouldn't be sacrificing any req.classes to do the CNA prep. I'm wanting to try to work at least part-time to help out my family. I thought keeping in the medical field would be the way to go. I tried looking into getting classes through the local nursing homes with no luck.
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  3. by   casanom
    Hi- I am from Lafayette and have taken class at Ivy tech it is a very good institution. I have not taken CNA classes but I have taken science classes and they were well thought and feel I learned What I needed

  4. by   kkorso51
    I just finished my CNA course at Ivytech and will take the test at the end of November. Before I took the course I asked about the passing rate of the instructor to help make sure they gave me what I needed to pass. The bad part was that my instructor had only had one class previous to mine but I feel confident about the test. I took my course in Logansport. I'm currently trying to get into the nursing program so I hope this will help me. I took the class because I have not has a job for about 5 months and didn't want to get stuck working at a job that does not help me get experience in the medical field. I recommend Ivytech. However depending on where you are the place where I did my clinical had their own CNA class that was free and lasted about 3 weeks. It was everyday from what I was told the first week was classroom stuff, the second week was day shift and the third week was night shift. Sorry I can't tell you more about how it prepared me for the test believe me I wish I was done with it and working right now
  5. by   wishNhopeNdreamN
    Thank-you both for responding.

    Krystle, I am in Logansport as well. Have you begun taking your pre-reqs? This spring will be my 1st semester. I'm nervous about going back to school after so long. I know what you mean about getting back to work I've been home for over a year with my little ones.
    Good luck to you on passing the test.
  6. by   kkorso51
    All I have left are A&P 2 and two other science courses for my pre-reqs. I haven't taken the TEAS or anything. I had most of my classes from IUK. I'm worried that I won't be excepted right away then I'll have no classes I can take. I just got a job offer today! I accepted. I'm so happy. It's receptionist job at a medical office. I'm happy to get my foot in the door.
    My teacher was Mrs. ***** for my CNA class. She was great. If you take the course in Logansport you will probably be going to Chase. The residents are great and the staff is so happy to have us. Chase is also where they have the free classes so take a look. I forgot to mention too that they dont require u to work there after the class is over. Good luck
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  7. by   Emmi7
    Hi I know this is an old post but I was wondering if anyone knew or remembered if the 5 credits from the CNA Prep class at Ivy Tech counted towards the 12 credits you need in order to be considered full time? I have received conflicting information regarding this and I just want to make sure I will remain full time status.

  8. by   DLC2008
    Emmi, Did you ever receive anymore information on this?? I'm now looking into doing this....