Anyone know Brighter Day Health, LLC?

  1. Does anyone on here know anything about a company called Brighter Day Health, LLC based in Houston, TX? I got a sort of recruiting letter from them today. It explains pretty well what they do, but I am just wondering if anyone has had first hand experience with them.

    According to the letter, they provide mental health and behavioral health services to residents of skilled nursing facilities via a "secure, HIPAA compliant video conferencing center." They hire aids to physically go to the facilities to help the residents get from their rooms to the computer terminal at the facility and to "liase" with the other medical staff at the facilities, pull info from the medical records, and to ensure that the patients receive high quality care.

    I looked at their website and it is pretty simple, not that impressive - a couple of the buttons don't work right when you click on them, so that was a little weird...

    Anyway, it sounds kind of interesting but I'd like to hear some firsthand reports if anyone has them! Thanks for sharing if you have info!
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