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  1. by   malima
    Hey Atla,

    Went over to Sunrise, got the application,and they asked me to come back on Wednesday with the application.I am hoping that I will get the 7am-3pm shift,any tips for me,incase its an on site interview?

    Just noticed that over the HCR Manor where I had put in my application they still need cna's for 3-11pm.Wish I could be able to get a daycare that operates late nights/any place that they care for children during the night.

    Am still looking around for jobs and late daycare 2.If I get something, you will surely be the first to know.

    Thnx Atla.
  2. by   atla
    It's very likely that it will be an on-site interview. The Sunrise that I work at has open interviewing each Thursday at 11 AM, so I would call and ask if they do that as well, and what time. Sunrise cares a lot about neat appearance, so dress as professionally as possible. Outside of that, I think a lot depends on the individual interviewer. I know at some places they have a form the interviewer fills out, so they ask specific questions and present specific scenarios, but it wasn't like that during my interview. However, be prepared to shadow an aide for 20 minutes to a couple of hours (so wear comfy but nice shoes!). My interviewer had me follow the lead CNA around for half an hour just to make sure I had a feel for what would be going on and I had to sign a form saying I'd done it.

    Also, be prepared for the hiring process to take a couple weeks if you do get it. If you haven't had a TB test lately, they'll want to get that done, and that takes at least 5 days. They'll also do a drug screen and background check.

    It sounds like you've already interviewed at a couple of other places, so you know what kind of questions to look out for. "Why do you want to work in this field?" "What did you enjoy about your clinicals?" A harder one.. "What did you dislike about your clinicals?" Don't be afraid to ask about tuition assistance (which they do offer!) during the interview. That lets them know you plan on staying around awhile. I asked a ton of questions, and my interviewer didn't seem put off. I asked about patient to CNA ratios, tuition assistance, their different units, health & other benefits. Say hi to any resident you see in the halls as you're touring or even just walking to the interviewer's office, unless you'd be interrupting your interviewer, of course.

    If I think of anything else before Wednesday, I'll let you know. Best of luck to you. I'll send good vibes your way. Keep in touch
  3. by   malima
    Thnx Atla.l real do appreciate and will definetly keep in touch.Am all set and ready. Thanx for the tips. Have a good day.

  4. by   atla
    It's Wednesday DId you get a chance to go? Did you get an interview?
  5. by   malima
    Yes, I did go. And I loved the place. It's real wonderful. Everybody is friendly. I was shown around with this kind and joyful lady.Your secretary was also kind and down to earth, much better treatment from other places I have been.

    Especial on the greeting and the fact they make you feel at ease.Still sorting out something, coz they don't have the 7am-3pm shift, rather the 3-11pm shift so am trying to sort out my daycare issue. But will definately consider the position.

    Thanks for checking on me again.