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  1. by   sonomala
    Congrats everyone! I posted it separtely but I past both on December 17th
  2. by   soldierswife731
    I took my test on 10Jan09 and I received my certificate and wallet card yesterday! I made an 83 on my written and my skills were handwashing, ROM(hip&knee), transfer resident from bed to wheelchair, and a backrub. I am so proud of myself and everyone else who passed!
  3. by   Kim8501
    i wanted let ya'll know that i passed my cna state test this morning! :wink2: thanks to all of you who helped to ease my fears. i was nervous during the skills procedure, but i never missed a step on any of the skills! the evaluator told me i did an excellent job & watching me was like reading the book. my hard work paid off {{{{ yahoo }}}}}

    here are the skills i was tested on:

    transfer to wc
    measuring urine output
    foot/toenail care
    donning/removing ppe

    thanks again to everyone here for all of the advice & support. and for the ones taking the test in the future my best advice is the advice that was given to your way through it out loud.
    it helps tremendously.
  4. by   Anubis
    I passed my CNA exam on 1/4/2009. I had passed the written test on the first try back in December, but the evaluator started talking to me during the practicals and asked me to perform one of them differently, and then she failed me for it, so I did a retake (at another facility) and passed. My skills (on the retake) were;

    Handwashing (of course)
    Radial Pulse
    Ambulation w/a Gait Belt
    Range of Motion (knee and ankle)
    Making an Occupied Bed

    The bed was the one skill I probably practiced the most...took me 4 minutes from start to finish. Five days after passing, I landed an interview at a local nursing home and just started my new job last night! I'm on my way to a new career in healthcare!

    Thanks, and congrats to all the other CNAs out there. It is a critical service that we perform, so be proud to toot your own horn now and then!
  5. by   nina4nursing
    I passed my CNA exam!
    It is official as of 1-21-09
    Not sure about the future, but hope it is in the medical field
    Thanks to all!

  6. by   malima
    i passed my cna exams(both written and skills)today 22 january 2009.

    go goohgo maliyur cnawe gonna party cz ur a cna

    determination in life makes success sweet to the taste.
    am reaching 4 my dreams,my spot in nursing is reserved.

    i started with my skills test,followed by the written one,after 30minutes.
    i was so nervous,and felt cold,thought it was coz of the cold weather,but after my skills test, my body got warmer. the examiners were kind,and made me(us)feel at ease. you get to know your results immediately,coz they just get faxed there.

    i got both my results,am proud of ' my first step to my thousand miles that am still to take.

    currently am looking for a job in a nursing home within pittsburgh,pa.(if you know of an ltc, within pittsburgh that are employing,feel free to reply.

    i am officially a certified nursing assistant!!!looking forward to purse my career in nursing.

    wishing everyone else who will be taking the nat(nursing assistant test) all the best.
    thanks 4 ua videos, & others cna's 4
    their forums

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  7. by   dynoboy
    I challenged the NC state CNA test and passed.

    Somewhere on someone posted this website:
    I used the state guidelines to study, watched the videos and did lots of walk through practicing in my living room!

    Start my first CNA position as a FT Psych Tech on an Adol Psych floor (3/12's)!
  8. by   lpn2b1991
    I passed mine in July of 2008. I thought it was going to be horrible and so hard, but i stayed relaxed because the environment was relaxed. Im finishing up high school and on my way to becoming a LPN =]
  9. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    Passed July of 2007. Almost time to get my certification renewed
  10. by   godschoosen1
    I passed my CNA Exam I took my test on Jan. 25, 2009. Its offical now Im licensed now in Texas and Arkanasa yahoo. My skills were pernial care, radial pulse, and ambulate and of course the famous hand washing. Now Im planning on becomming an LPN.
  11. by   CNAMichelle
    I already made a post about passing mine,but just wanted to add it to this too I passed my exam 2/9/2009! yay! I received my licenses in the mail last Friday!:spin:
  12. by   teacher08
    Well......I passed my CNA exam on February 13th. I found out today. Took a quick peek at the nurse aide registry (typed in my last name and double checked with my ss#). I don't have the official letter just yet.

    I just knew I failed because I remember getting one incorrect and a few I couldn't recall. I get so nervous when I take written exams. Oral exams and presentations are no problem. Go figure. Many blessings to you all who will be sitting for their CNA and NCLEX exams.
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  13. by   CNAMichelle
    congrats!!!! yay!!!!!!!...I am the exact opposite,I knew I aced the written,but I get sooooo nervous when people are watching me. ughhh
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