1st interview in 7yrs...HELP!!

  1. I have been lucky enough to have stayed home with my kids for the last 7 years but I want to work part time while I'm in nursing school. I only applied for one job because I am so scared of the interview. I feel so inadequate. How can I not be so nervous? What should I ask? How do I know if I want to work at this place?
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  3. by   jb2u
    It is hard not to be nervous. Try to show up early to mentally prepare. Go over in your head the night before possible questions such as "why should I hire you," "tell me a weakness that you have," or "tell me about a time that you had to deal with a difficult person. how did you handle it?".

    1. "Why should I hire you?"...you are hard working, dependable, caring, etc.

    2. "Tell me a weakness that you have."...this is not so tricky. Give them a
    quality that you have that is not that bad such as "you are too hard on
    yourself. You want to excel at everything that you do." Maybe you strive
    for all A's or strive to be the best CNA. Something along those lines.

    3. "Tell me about a time that you had to deal with a difficult person. How
    did you handle it?"... they just want to know that you know how to
    handle difficult people/patients without slapping them silly. Do you have
    any kind of communication skills? I would describe a time when someone
    was difficult and you remained calm and tried to put yourself in their
    place to see it from their side. Something like that.

    As far as what to ask, I like to know what qualities they look for in a CNA.
    What educational opportunities do they offer (scholarship, in house training,
    etc.)? Some people ask...why is the position open, what is the turnover rate
    like (this will cue you in to IF there may be a problem with the company). I do not ask those questions myself though. Just show your interest in working for THEM and not just working as a CNA. If you can, find out if they have a website and try to get some background info on the company. It would be impressive to them if you knew that they have won several awards for delivering patient care or that they perform more heart transplants than any other hospital in the nation. Things like that.

    I wish you lots of luck. Focus on your abilities and your desire to care. Assuming that you are applying for a job in healthcare while you go to nursing school. Everything else still applies though, in case you are going to work in another field while in nursing school.

  4. by   natrgrrl
    Thanks Jay. I'm going over these questions right now. Hopefully by 10 o'clock I will feel more prepared for the interview. I'm sure that being prepared will ease my nerves a little.