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Hi everyone! My name is Martha, and i have been a CNA for almost two years, the problem is that i moved to a different state, and i dont even know where to begin on transfering my license... I dont get online very often, but i would be so very appreciative if someone could help me figure out how to do this, my email address is [email protected].... This would be a huge deal to me... thank you so much for your time

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Welcome to the board madam,

which state are you moving from and to which state. Here in oklahoma the Department of Health certifies nurses aides, so I would think that contacting their website or calling them would be the best bet on finding out how to transfer your license, or to find out if you need to repeat your training. Best of luck to you.


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See .. this is why once I finish school .. I'm ain't goin' NO WHERE. Haha! I'm stayin' put at least in this state. I'm afraid to go through the craziness of figuring out what to do because I moved states. Heh.

Good luck to you. I hope you get back into nursing as soon as you can! :)


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If your new state is Oregon, then here is their web site information on endorsement.

If not you will need to tell us what state you're in. Good Luck and welcome to the board!:)

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