CNA license Fl. to OR. or WA.???

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Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I live in Florida currently and hold a CNA license in this state. I also work in a hospital (acute care). I need to relocate to the Portland OR area and I had some questions. I see that the require a separate certification (CNA2) to work in acute care. I also have looked at the classes and so fourth. My question is, since I don't really want to go back to working in LTC, does anyone know if the hospitals will hire you with a CNA1 in the state under the consideration that you take the required steps to become CNA2 certified? Does it matter that my current hospital system has a CNA-Advanced classification that allows you to do more than the normal CNA duties. Foleys, EKG, Phlebotomy? Also can I get a OR license and work in nearby Vancouver WA.? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! You can get a job in some Oregon hospitals as a protective care staff (1:1 sitter) with a CNA1 license, but those positions are few and far between. The hospital I work at doesn't even hire them anymore. You will not be allowed to work in a CNA2 position until you actually have that license.

You need a Washington CNA license to work in Vancouver, but WA and OR have reciprocity so it's easy to get a WA license once you have an OR license--a lot of people live in OR and work in WA or vice versa so it isn't uncommon.

I don't know if your advanced CNA certification in Florida would translate to a CNA2 license in Oregon, but it's worth contacting the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

Oregon State Board of Nursing CNA and CMA Certification Information

PS: Welcome to Oregon (pretty soon)!