CNA left job without notice.

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I am new to LTC, 2 months to be exact. I love the job even though others told me not go into LTC. The issue is the CNAs who are extremely rude and not doing their job properly. I am not used to being a manager so I am a bit apprehensive about some things. 

Yesterday, one of the CNAs, who I have had an issue with previously for using profanity all throughout the nurses station and halls, she leaves the job 2 hours before her shift ended and did not tell anyone. I witnessed her get her purse and and yell and cuss, because she did not want to answer a call light nor change the resident who needed assistance. The unit started with 2 aides, one left at 6pm because her hours for that day was 6a-6p. The aide that was left, was to take over those residents. There were only 15 residents on the unit, and they were all in bed. At 8:30pm, her nurse asked her to check on a resident who needed to be changed. SHE stood up and cussed and yelled that she wasn't doing anyone else's job and that the nurses aren't doing their job by checking up on the jobs the CNAs do. She slammed the job and walked out. Her nurse thought she was coming back. I told her no she wasn't because took all her belongings. From 6pm-830pm, she was sitting in the TV room watching a program on her phone, not checking any lights.  

I am in the process of composing an email to the DON and HR, regarding her behavior. There was 1 CNA left who had 20 residents of her own. She helped us with the last few hours care. When the CNA left, there were 4 call lights going off, so she left her residents without care. 

Is this considered abandonment? The CNAs are now Unionized. 2 of the residents called her a bully and they are afraid to tell the administration. 

Please advise me as to what to do. I am still learning the ropes of LTC. I have been a nurse for 17 years in the clinic setting and never had to do supervision. 

Thank you

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Write her up and make a copy for yourself. Then give it to the DON.

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