So I’m about to start working at a nursing home and I have a few questions about the job , that I would appreciate anyone answering!

imma do night shift and When it’s time to get the residents up , how do I know which residents have to be dressed up and put on wheelchairs? I know one resident can’t move at all and cant be put on wheelchair, would I have to dress them up too or should I just switch theirs gowns? would there be a time when they should be dressed up?

When I do rounds , This includes making sure the patients are okay right? but while doing rounds do I also make sure that if they’re wet or soiled and what not , would I have to wake them up so I can check the diapers to see if they need to be cleaned or what?

if anyone can share their night / morning / afternoon shift routines I would gladly appreciate it!!

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When I was still a CNA, I shadowed people who knew the residents and learned how they did things. Over time you'll learn who to do first and who to dress, who needs to be fed etc. 

But you said you'll be doing night shift, you shouldn't be doing anything besides rounds and changes on the 11-7, unless some patients like getting up and getting dressed early. Patients usually get ready for the day on the 7-3.