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CNA - Investigated Allegations of Abuse.. Found nothing..

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The story.

I work about 70 hours a week. I am always at work it seems.

My bf and I both work at the same facility and we actually live close by. We are the

ones they call if they need help.


I was off this day. My friend (who is a nurse) birthday was that day so i went to the store

to get her some cupcakes. Around 5 pm I arrive visit 2 residents that stop me and leave.

I goto work monday like every other day only to find that I was accused of resident abuse.

I was obviosly uspet. My family dishoned me so these residets are my family.

We have been severly short staffed and they are doing away with med aides. Lvns now are


This nurse came in @ 8 to help with medpass. She reported me and my bf as abusing a resident.

This resident is a light ringer. There is no lying about that. She stated that the boys were going to get her up if she didn't stop ringing her light.

I was confused b/c I did not work that day AND i have never said anything close to that.

The nurse(medaide) who reported it has been abusive towards me.

I have not reported it b/c we are short staffed and It does not affect the residents only me.

I was suprised when it was reported; and who by. I have been trying to file a grievance against her.. but again.. I don't like drama or polotics and just try to keep my head down.

So my questions are..

1. Should I file a grievance.

2. If you were in my position what would you do?

3. Should I find another job?

The 3rd question is b/c this nurse has been after me for a while. I do my job by the book.. pericare everything. She will follow behind me sometimes. I have made complaints against her cnas to her b/c many of the residents are brown ringed... are in chairs with urine dripping to the floor..

I guess thats really why she is after me so much.

I've already requested not to work underneath her b/c the last time i did she told me she could be a ***** and if i didn't leave her alone the ***** would come out (i was reporting skin assesments I had done for her)

any advice would help :)

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Well, first of all, I do not know what I would do in your shoes. You probably should have gone above her for how she has treated you. She got mad at you for reporting the CNAs to her that left residents soaking in wheelchairs, or am I reading that wrong?

Anyways, the state, and management, should do a thorough investigation, and if you are innocent you shouldn't have anything to worry about, especially since you didn't even work that day. I'm sorry, that must be incredibly frustrating!!

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