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I know the Post 9-11 GI Bill will cover my CNA course but I cannot find the information. Can someone please help??? I am also wondering how a 7week long M-F 7am-4pm CNA course will affect my hourly credit eligibility?


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The post 9/11GI bill benefits are amazing, go to a state university and get a real degree, don't waste the GI bill on just a CNA course. You are throwing money down the toilet.


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I am going to get a "real degree." I am in a BSN program, but part of my prerequisites are to be a CNA. SO I am not throwing any "money down the toilet. "

Here's a website.

Education Benefits - U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs

It can all be really hard to figure out online though. My boyfriend is in the army and he had to go talk to the VA people at the school. I would go talk to the college VA office (if they have one). They'll help out a lot and they know exactly what you'll need in order to get the money. Hope that helps.


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Are you already enrolled in the BSN course and using the GI Bill for that? I would think that if you are, and the CNA course is not offered through the same school, you could only go to one school at a time. If you are not in the BSN program yet, I would consider not using the GI Bill for the CNA course and save your eligibility for the BSN. If you do want to use it, though, just go down to the VA office at the school that has the CNA course.


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Thank you, Jen. One day last week I finalllllly got ahold of VA...I waited 40 minutes to speak to a rep and when I did he was so rude and did not have time to speak to me. However, I did get the answers that I needed. My school just keeps saying, " Call VA and ask them."

Ya, it seems that the VA and schools aren't too in touch with each other. I know it took my boyfriend a long time to get all of his things straightened up because financial aid would say one thing while the VA said another.

Hopefully everything works out for you though!


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To clarify a little about a previous can attend two separate schools and use your VA benefits as long as all courses are required for your degree. I am currently going to a community college to fullfil requirements for my BSN degree along with the college that will grant my BSN. So for VA purposes, my degree granting school has become my "parent school" between the two. Talk to your VA reps at all schools you attend so they can all be on the same page. Even though I take 6 credit hrs at one school and 7 at another I am still considered a full time student (combined). That is all sorted out with the VA reps. You will have to complete some forms for all campuses to determine parent school etc. Hope this helps and good luck with school.