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Everyone, please help me...

I have finished my cna program in a private vocational institution a couple of months ago. A friend of mine is near completing her classes in other school recently. Last night when we chat over the phone, she told me that she can use dictionary in her CNA examiation held on next month. I remembered I had hard time to memorize all the medical terminology while I studied. And even now, I am still worry about...

Did anyone know that we can have our medical dictioray in the exam? Or a translation language tool?

Thanks for your kindness to let me know. By the way, could I just walk into the Red Cross office to have my test there?

Thanks for your help...


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I don't think you can use a medical dictionary, just a regular dictionary (and it has to be a certain one..I forgot the name of it but I know for sure it wasnt Webster's) .


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Thanks for your reply. My friend told me what they can use in the exam center is so called - language translation tool (the size is similiar to a small calculator), and its function is like a medical dictionary cause it has all the medical terminology. Is it really allowed to take this kind tool with you to the test spot? English is my second language, I had hard time to memorize those medical terms.


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