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I am taking my CNA exam this saturday (7/28/12) in Washington state. SUPER NERVOUS.

I am trying to stay calm and relax as I am practicing my skills but I just want this so bad and do not want to mess up.

I know this is a silly question, but if I get peri care for female or catheter care for female, is it going to be on a dummy?

And lastly, if anyone can give me any advice for the skills test it would be greatly appreciated.

Wish me luck!!


Yes, your exam will be on a dummy. We were required to be CNA's prior to nursing school, and the one that I attended had us write out each skill on paper, and then in addition, the critical steps on notecards. Write them out to help commit them to memory, then keep practicing, preferably with another human (not a dummy), so they can tell you if you've missed a step. Throughout nursing school, anytime we had a skill I would also use drive time to practice. Do this just by simply repeating the steps out loud to yourself anytime you're in your car, or standing in a line, or getting through a tv commercial.

Keep your common sense about you. If you freak out and freeze, just think about what the next logical step would be, or how you would want someone performing the skill on you.

Practice makes perfect! Best of luck to you!

I know you're scared now but if you've studied it will come naturally. Just remember with the cares use a different side of the wipe each time you clean and go from front to back every time. I'm so excited for you! And yes your skills will all be tested on a doll not a person. Let us know how you do!


You might have a look at Despite the generic name, this is an Illinois CNA testing website. Midway down the links at the left side of the screen is smth. like Performance Videos. (Not the exact title.) Click on this.

The videos don't cover all subjects, & they're brief (i.e., compressed). But they're generally helpful, there's a voiceover of what's (supposed to be) going on, and setup and concluding tasks are covered. And, of course, all situations are ideal--just like in your CNA textbook photographs.

If nothing else, this will give you smth. to focus on, and a review of some topics for your test.

DO let us know how you did, how it all came out!

Best of fortune to you!

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