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CNA Courses in Boston


Hey everyone ;

I'm going to be attending school at one of the programs in Boston, but before then I'm trying to gain more experience. Does anyone have information on how to get CNA training in Boston?

Thank you!

; Dave

The Red Cross offers a course. Also, not sure where you live but there is a school in Framingham that does it also

Hey Dave, I'm in the same boat as you. Just accepted to a nursing program and thought I become a CNA before I start in Sept. Try this site: http://www.longtermcarecareers.org/train.php. I live in the South Shore and attend a program in Weymouth, it's free and they actually pay me while they teach me. $10.00 per hr. plus an additional $2.00 per hour because I'm in a nursing program. Feel free to post if yo have any other questions. Good luck!!

Thanks, Jack. What school will you be attending?


Has 1+ years experience.


Do you have any other info on your CNA course? The website you suggested had phone numbers to numerous nursing homes. I also am from the South Shore and will be starting a nursing program soon. Did you simply call a one of the nursing homes and explain your situation?

Any info would help. I know that I would love to get a head start on gaining more experience before Sept! Thanks!

Jack / KoBrien ;

Last week, I called every place listed in Boston and hit a brick wall. Jack, where are you working? Maybe they have suggestions as to who else hires/trains and what the contract intails.

Hey Guys,

Little late getting back... sorry. Call Colonial Nursing & Rehab Center 781-337-3121 and ask them that you would like to sign up for the next CNA class. Just a little background... I did four days (Monday through Thursday) in a rehab/nursing home in Duxbury then friday at their Weymouth facility then the next two weeks (full time) in Weymouth then after that part time 7-3 at the Weymouth facility. I should have my time (clinicals) and classroom work done by April 8th and at that point I can take the State board. It's not a bad deal although I just started. Hope this helps any questions get back to me and I can always inquire at the front desk for you. BTY pugdaddy I'll be attending Quincy College RN program.

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