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hi does anybody know if you have to work as a cna1 for a certain amount of time before you take cna2? or can you take them back to back if you want ? im in north carolina , hope mills to be exact i dont know if its different state to state . i would like to get a job at cape fear but they always post that they are hiring cna2s . thanks:wink2:

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I would check your states web site for information, also inquire at the hospitals if they have a training program. When my hospital made the transition from 1 to 2 they gave all of us the training and any new CNAs were given a challenge exam and a skills exam if they were not 2s yet.


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ok cool thanx i will look into that.


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I'm a cna in NC. Our local comm colleges require proof of a short training NA1 class, some on the job exp (it varies with each college, usually 1 to 6 months) and some also require a letter from an RN.

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