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My CNA classes start on may 10th the course is 3 weeks long. Mon-Fri and from 8am-3:10pm. Our clinicals are on Saturdays only. I was wondering what exactly happens. And on the state skills do you have a resident or something else if its something else I would love to know. I know it varies if it helps I am in Arkansas.


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For clinicals, you'll be paired with a CNA. Don't be afraid to do patient care with them, it's the best way to learn. And don't be afraid to ask questions too!

As for your state skills test, you will have either a volunteer or a classmate playing the part of your resident.


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in my clinicals we were parted and given an resident to care for start of shift to end of shift. we were also encouraged to help with others if possible.

for state test we used dummys "mr/mrs spencer." and vitals were done on another student. (kentucky)

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In my clinicals we were partnered up, but we were each given 3-4 residents and each given a different CNA to "follow." I still don't get it. It would have made much more sense for each pair to follow one CNA on her assignment.

We used each other for the skills test.

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in my group, one to two students shadowed a cna, we went where she went and provided any care that was necessary . . . if you are assertive, you can perform all care while the cna watches, great preparation for the state exam.

try to do all of the 37 skills during clinicals, especially perineal care, bed bath, showering, bedpan, making an occupied bed, temperature/ pulse/ respiration and blood pressure . . . these are some of the most challenging.


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On our test, our "resident" was our instructor, lol :)