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Hello Everyone,

I am deciding between two CNA programs. One is at Sac Med Tech in Sacramento Ca, The training breaks down to 50 hours of theory and 100 hours for clinical at a local nursing home. Cost approx $1,100. 21 days to complete.

The second school is through a local Adult Community Program. They could not give me a break down of hours but complete training is 222 hours. Cost $2,100. 9 weeks to complete. The nursing home is ACC (Asian Community Care) where the clinical part takes place. It's about 20 miles one way from where I live, but it is one of the nices upscale nursing homes in the Sacramento area.

I have been working as a Home Health Aide for close to 3 years, however only private in home. My question is, would it be necessary to have a lot more on the job training before taking the California State Test? Given the fact of the extra thousand dollars plus gas money to ACC ?

Could really use some opinions on this. Very Much appreciated


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MAtoLVN, I can't send private messages yet. Thank you for the note, a valid point and something I had not even thought about.


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I just wanted to follow up on this thread I started, in case someone searches for SacMed Training. I ended taking the CNA course at SacMed Training in Sacramento, Ca. I did the clinical portion at Arden Acute Rehab. I can not say enough good stuff about the school. I felt overwhelmed because it's 21 days and a lot to remember, but I went home every night and studied for at least a few hours. I was not impressed with Arden Acute Rehab facility, however it is just for training and SacMed does not always use them for clinical.

The State test was in Yuba City, and was given through the Redcross. I passed both the written and skills test. My class included 16 students and only two did not pass the skills portion and one failed the written. I think the school has a good CNA program but it's really important for a student to show up everyday and take it seriously if they want to become certified.


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Hey NightMoon,

I'll be attending SacMed this summer, and I was wondering how did you study the state test? Did they prepare you well?

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I loved Sac Med. they provided me with a wonderful foundation in basic patient care. I attended Sac Med, then LVN school

And then RN school.