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If I am posting this in the wrong forum I apologize.

However I did not see a forum for CNA'S.

I am thinking of getting my CNA or clinical assistant.

My objective is to work in a hospital, though if I had the option to work in a hospital or somewhere else that would not be bad.

My question is I live in Boston and all the adds in the paper do not train people for CNA they just train for clinical assitants (at least all the adds I have seen)

I called one company that is featuring the clinical assitant program and I asked him why they do not train for the clinical assitant.

He said the clinicial assistance requires a higher certification and that if I obtain my clinical I can work in a nursing home.

I have a few questions.

Can I really work in a nursing home by just being a clinical assistant and not a CAN

The course only costs $500 dollars it seems to cheap to and good to be true your thoughts.

I am assuming I would make more money as a clinical assitant.

Witch one is geared towards working in a nursing home that is my goal.

If anyone can help or think I am missing anything that would be great.

What is the pay for starting out in these positions.



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The starting pay depends on the area. People have said on here that the nursing homes pays CNA's more than hospitals but in this area it's the other way around.

I'm a CA at a hospital, and actually the hospital doesn't require the assistants to be certified.

You HAVE to be certified to work at a CNA in a nursing home.

I'd do some checking about training programs, the highest i've seen assistant course costs would be $200.

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Hi there... I had to get my CNA for my nursing program here in Chicago. The program was offered through an independent company at a cost around $550. CNA's make more at hospitals than at nursing homes in my area. Not sure what the difference between a CA and a CNA is as far as pay goes. I'm guessing the CNA job would pay more. I worked @ a hospital as a CNA for a short time and was getting paid a little over $10/hour with NO experience.

I would say do some research on programs on the internet... Also, call the Human Resources department @ the hospitals and nursing homes where you would like to work. I've found that people are very helpful - especially when they are understaffed!

Good luck!



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I used to be a Clinic Assistant. We were qualified to workworked in the Out-Patient area or in Doctor's officies only. The training I got was as a Medical Assistant. It was a 7 month program and cost alot more that $500. The difference between a Medical Assistant and CNA (a Certified Nursing Assistant) is like night and day. If you want to work the In-Patient area, go for a Nusing Assistant Class.

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I'm guessing that clinical assistant on the right coast is what the left coast calls nursing assistant or NAR (nursing assistant registered)? Out here, many of the nursing homes will offer free in house training for CNA and even pay your testing fee. While you are in training you are able to work for them and make a wage.

In the county where I live, you make more in hospitals than LTC, but the county just north of me was advertising positions at less pay than what was paid at LTC. Go figure.


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I know an RN license will transfer from state to state.

How about the CNA how can I find out if that will transfer state to state?

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Originally posted by jgg767

I know an RN license will transfer from state to state.

How about the CNA how can I find out if that will transfer state to state?

It is up to each individual state. So you would have to contact the DOH of the state you intend to work in to find out if they will accept certification from another state.

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