Cna classes while in highschool?


Hey everyone, im wondering if its possible for me to take cna classes while im still in high school. Im in my senior year and im also 18. I do plan to go on to become a lpn, so i figure this would be great practice. I have looked into a local community college and notice they do not have cna classes. Im sure i could find somewhere that does do cna classes, either it be in class or online. I live around the Berks county area in PA. Thanks in advance :)

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My high school actually offered the class as distance learning. (I grew up veeeeeery rural, and our distance learning system helped broaden what the school was able to offer.) The RN-instructor taught the class simultaneously to...5? 6? area schools. We all got together on Saturdays to do our clinicals.

Now other CNA programs run basically like a full time job for 2 or 3 weeks. You might have to wait until summer, as you'll be in school most of the day still.

It's definitely a good way to get your feet wet!


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Hi. I took my CNA class during summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school. I am not sure about any other requirements in other states but I am in California and the minimum age for my program was 16 and no diploma required. I think 17 or 18 is a great age to finish the class and to obtain the certificate since I had difficulty finding a job until I turned 18 :( I think the hard part to figure out is if you can find a class that will suit your schedule since you are current in school. Good Luck c:

Yes, sadly i was called for a job, where they have a 6 week course. The classes were free as long as i worked there for free, sadly the instructor had just retired and i was told they would call me when a new one was hired. I will be going back to school after labor day, so now thats out of the question. I don't know if online schooling would be the answer.