CNA classes in the Broward & Palm Beach county area?

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I am interesting in starting a CNA classes but dont know which where to go I would love to know some good CNA schools. I tried calling the Sunshine Institute which looked good on the website and they are not picking up their phones and their voicemail is full and it hangs up which is pretty unprofessional. Well I am new to the area and love to get some help from any local Floridians. Thanks in advance!

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Try rubies school of nursing in the city of plantation but located on sunrise blvd in the same shopping center as all uniform world. Or u can do it at mcfatter tech 7543215200 in davie,fl . West broward school nursing rediculously expensive. International faith for christian fellowship training center waste of time. If u do the pct at sheridan,mcfatter or atlantic technical its 6months and u can go into term 2 of their lpn program.

Hello Foxycats, Did you find a good school in Broward? I am in your same position now, and would like some help:uhoh3:. I have heard of Ruby's and did a bit of research on them, but just would like to way my options. Thanks :)

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