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cna certification re-testing (skills)

lastdandy lastdandy (New) New

Hello, I recently took the CNA exam and passed the written portion but failed one skill out of the 5 that were tested :cry:. I was looking through the forums and the NNAAP website :bookworm: but could not find any information on this, when you retake the exam are you tested on the same skill you failed or do they pick 4 others (besides handwashing) at random? I feel so dumb, I can't believe I couldn't get it :arghh: I appreciate any information or tips/info. (BTW, the skill I failed was BP)

For the re-test It will be as if you never failed. Youll get random skills and since there random it may be one of the ones you already had. But how did you fail? You read the numbers wrong? That seems to be the only way you could fail that. And don't feel bad bc I don't know how to read those things either. Now a day they are all electronic so we don't have to manually do them. Good luck to you!!