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CNA before ADN?


Greetings all,

This post is mostly for those of you that have attended an ADN program. I am a community college student looking to transfer into the ADN program soon. I am however concerned that I should get some more experience prior to the program. I currently work as a caregiver, but was wondering if becoming a CNA or phlebotomist is recommended. I'd rather only become a CNA or phlebotomist if I have to.

roser13, ASN, RN

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Back in the day, it was not a deal-breaker if you had no prior CNA experience. However, these days, I'm gathering that all of the experience and (perhaps most important) all of the connections you can garner, the better.

@ my school end of first semester you take the CNA test as apart of the final, so i would wait. Other schools give you more points if you already have it

I was a CNA before being an RN and I will say it helps on a few fronts. One, you get exposure to be sure that you really want to do this. Two, you learn what it is like for CNAs who you will be delegating to and you will learn how to delegate but also what not to do. Three, you get exposure to what department you want to work and as aforementioned, you will make connections to get a J-O-B later. :) Best of luck either way!

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Good day:

I just found out (or maybe had my memory of it restored) that in Pennsylvania once you pass your first semester of nursing school (aka nursing fundamentals), you can take the test to become a CNA. I'm strongly considering it as I've been trying to get a part time PCT job. I also think it will help me by practicing the skills I'm learning -- with the strong understanding there are limitations to what a PCT/CNA can perform skill/duty wise.

Thank you.