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Hi Everyone!

I haven't been able to find any active forums about the college of mount saint Vincent's accelerated nursing program for 2018. I'm enrolled for the program beginning in the fall at the riverdale campus and would love to get in contact with anyone else in the program!

Apartments are pretty expensive in the riverdale area so definitely looking for a roommate as well

I will be attending this fall as well!

awesome! are you from the area or have you found living arrangements yet?

I'm commuting since I live 20 minutes away. Do you know when the first day of class is? And what the schedule is like?

first day of class should be august 27th--at orientation we'll get our schedules but can expect a roughly 8-5 day. which orientation are you going to?

I'm going to the July 25th orientation you?

im going to july 25th too

if you know of anyone renting out/ looking for a place/ roommate in the area please let me know! I'm trying to figure out my living arrangements asap


I'm also attending CMSV this fall, but at the NYC campus. I know that we will have to take at least two classes at the Riverdale campus, so maybe we'll all run into each other at some point. I'm attending the June 20th orientation, so hopefully I'll be able to answer some of your questions if you have any by then.

Great please let us know how orientation goes and what you found out!

Great! yes please let us know what you find out! also if you hear of anyone who's looking for living arrangements in the riverdale area please tell them to contact me! my email is [email protected]

I went to orientation yesterday. The environment was really warm and the staff were very friendly.

We received information on how to log into self-service as well as our email accounts and Canvas (they just switched over from BlackBoard). Some of the nursing administration came in to introduce themselves as well as explain the curriculum change. We received paperwork for health forms as well as all of the documentation that we'll need to upload onto

As I've said before, if you're attending the NYC campus, there are two classes that you have to take at the Riverdale campus; one is during the first semester, and the other one is during the 4th semester. Our first clinical will be at a nursing home very close to the main campus (The Hebrew Home) starting week 8.

Does anyone have any specific questions?

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