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  I was wondering whether anyone took the CMC/CSC exam recently. If so, what review course did you use? AACN no longer provides the review course and they only have the question bank for each exam. I googled and was able to find there is mometrix and nicole kupchik review course. Besides these two, what other review courses can I use? Thank you in advance. 


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CMC is the designation for Cardiac Medicine Certification; CSC is the designation for Cardiac Surgery Certification offered by American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

The AACN Preparation Tools & Handbooks section  Tools to Help You Prepare offers info.

Performing an internet search "CMC/CSC exam" will show additional review cources than those yoou mentioned..

AN's previous thread might be helpful:


Several you tube videos available:

CMC/CSC Exam Review 4th Edition Valvular Disease eLearning Clip by MED-ED


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