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I currently am a CMA (Just graduated) What I'm wondering if I should work in the field a bit and then go for my LPN degree or just go streight from CMA to LPN. I honestly would rather get school over with and work in the career that I've so dreamed of for so long. I was just wondering what others thought. Any insight would be appreciated.

The faster you get your LPN license, the faster you can put it to good use. You also have to factor in the time it will take to get a CMA job since you don't have experience. No sense in prolonging things, since you know what you want to do.

Depending on where you were to work, the experience you get may not even be applicable to a future nursing career. Many CMAs in physicians offices only do clerical work or basic nursing tasks such as vitals (and occasionally EKG, phlebotomy, etc.). It may be somewhat worthwhile to consider working as a CMA during school, though.


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has anyone started to look for a lpn school yet or has taken the tease test yet and im a CNA and a CMA so i say if you can afford to go to school and not work then go for it but i agree with coffeematecna the experience may help you in the future and while going to school


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