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Cloth masks for kids

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Remember when the CDC and surgeon general were debating on people wearing masks in the early days of the pandemic? Their arguments were people would be touching their faces more and wearing masks incorrectly. With school returning in the fall, states are making decisions with masks. I hate saying it, but I am not for masks. The cloth masks are a piece of tshirt fabric and these kids are going to be wearing them wrong and touching their faces, introducing more germs. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Can someone please help me understand as I am struggling with this. Kids also get runny noses and sneeze without knowing a sneeze is coming. Don’t forget vomiting without feeling the urge...

Also, fevers with respiratory issues are common all year round when school starts back up. I’m just imagining the paranoia and hysteria...

Also, the hybrid days do not make sense to me either. Parents will need childcare if their child is younger. If granny watches the child, doesn’t that expose her, defeating the purpose? Plus, lots of kids will end up staying home alone too young. Teen pregnancy will probably sky rocket among other issues. What are your all’s thoughts? Am I crazy for my thought process? I’m just at a loss with all of this.


Has 10 years experience.

Yes, I totally agree with you. My district announced that masks will be mandatory 3rd grade and up. And the number of days the kids will be at school per week all depends on what phase of reopening our state is in at that time. I just see this school year as being a total nightmare.

My heart goes out to the teachers who already have so much to worry about in a normal school year. Now they will have to be the mask police too?!?!