Close to graduating...need job advice

by aship aship, BSN Member

Has 5 years experience.

Hey everyone!

I'm in a 15 month BSN program and will be graduating in August. I know it's probably pretty normal to feel unprepared when you first start out but I really want to feel as confident as possible when I start working. So I have a few questions.

First, I've heard mixed reviews about getting a nurse tech job vs. not getting one. A few people said that they learned a lot while others said they just ended up cleaning up after people all day. I just got married so trying not to overload my schedule so would only want to pursue a nurse tech job if it's worth my while. I will have my preceptorship soon so I'm thinking this will give me enough experience?

Also, I've heard that med-surg is the best type of job to get starting out. Is this true? I've had thoughts of eventually wanting to go back to school to be a Nurse Practitioner so really just wanting to start myself off on the right foot getting experience.

And any job hunting tips would be helpful too!

Thanks all!